Greg Barnett
Software Developer

cell: 253-592-5147
email: g r e g   a t   g p b t e c h . c o m

Why you should hire me:

You can use an above average, versatile, self-directed, opinionated application developer.

I get shit done, and FizzBuzz doesn't faze me.

Most of the time, I write tests first.

I have good taste (I almost always come up with a reasonable architecture, and rarely under or over engineer).

My github has some terrible older code that you can look at, so you know I have at least some skill.

I'm easy to work with.

All of my estimates are guaranteed to be accurate within +/- three orders of magnitude.

What I want from an employer:

I am looking to join a profitable company that has a useful product or service, and lots of interesting problems to solve.

Ideal company size is 20 to 150 people.

I want the majority of my work to be some combination of Ruby, Python, PHP and JavaScript (or similar languages).

Allowed to contribute code (at least code that isn't core business logic) to open source projects.

A mix of back end and front end work. I would like to do more UI development using JQuery, Backbone or similar JS frameworks.


Senior Software Engineer
Deloitte Digital
January 2012 and continuing

Senior Software Engineer
February 2011 to January 2012

Rails Developer (Contract at Ubermind)
GPB Technology Services
October 2010 to January 2011

Rails/LAMP Developer
February 2006 to August 2010

Photographer/Sole Proprietor
Grand View Photography
April 2005 to July 2007

Web Developer
Crown College
September 2002 to March 2005

Web Developer
Loudeye Technologies
June 2000 to April 2001

Consultant / Contractor
GPB Technology Services
April 2000 to December 2000

January 2000 to March 2000

Network Administrator
Greg's Japanese Auto
May 1998 to January 2000